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Postpartum Support

I am so excited that you are considering postpartum care. I truly believe that overnight doula services are a gem. You will find families who spend so much money on night nurses and then you have families who have struggled since the beginning with sleep. I believe that Tranquility by HeHe has created an affordable option to help parents establish and maintain healthy sleep habits even through the growth spurts, teethings and sleep regressions.

Your doula will come to your home during the day/evening to to help care for your baby while you do any of the following: rest, eat, shower, journal, chat with me, listen to a podcast, read a book, go for a walk, or anything else you might need or want to do. Your doula may also do *light housework including unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry or cooking. This is also the perfect time for your doula to teach you all about caring for your newborn. You can take the time to ask your questions and understand what's happening with your baby and your body. We ask that you block daytime hours in 3 hour or more blocks of time. 
Your doula will sleep in your home with your baby. This is so parents to get to bed and actually sleep. For breastfed babies, your doula will bring your baby, plug them in, you will feed and give your baby back to the doula, and back to sleep you go. For bottle fed or formula fed babies, you will give your doula instructions, both verbal and written, about how to feed your baby and off to bed you go! Your doula will feed (if applicable) , burp, and change (diaper) your baby. We have packages designed for for the transition home all the way to nearly 100 hours a week of sleep for parents.

Because of my background in infant and Child Development, Mental Health, and Family studies this postpartum care holds so much more space than sleep.It is also a space for you to relax, rest, and heal. As an Infant Feeding Specialist, I am there to help you get your feeding journey off to a healthy and strong start! Your doulas will be there should any ill emotions surface or you have questions about the postpartum journey. Our other doulas have backgrounds in the women's health sphere and social work. We are there to help you understand how to navigate this new space, stay connected to resources, and equip you with strategies and skills to adapt to your new title! 

Our goal is to predict what you need next to take the "thinking" out of adjusting. Let us share our knowledge so you don't have to work out those kinks. We've already done it for you. 


I'm looking forward to supporting you in this time! 

Interested in joining the Tranquility Village, but don’t live in the Boston area?

No worries! In 2018 we saw the need to support women, their babies, and their partners without limitations! This means our support is offered globally! That’s right, we serve parents in over 26 countries by virtual services!

We provide birth, postpartum, and parenting support by way of video chat to families all over the world. This includes preparing for your birth experience, adjusting to life with a newborn and postpartum support, breastfeeding and lactation support, and exploring alternative ways to feed your little one! We also offer 1-hour consults and 2-hour intensives for families that don’t feel an entire package of support is best for them!

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