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about alyssa

Alyssa is a mom of two who is thrilled to support other moms as a member of the Tranquility by Hehe team! 


Prior to working with TBH, Alyssa worked with a faith based organization mentoring college students and developing their leadership skills. Alyssa has always had a passion for partnering with people through big life transitions by building deep and meaningful relationships and empowing and encouraging others to succeed. 


Alyssa's passion shifted from college students to parents and their babies through her own experience in becoming a mother. She went into her first birth completely unprepared after being told that childbirth education and birth plans were unnecessary. Her first birth experience was confusing and disappointing, and even though mom and baby were healthy, she believed that people should be able to expect more from their births than a healthy mom and a healthy baby. From there she dove head first into learning as much as possible about birth and discovered The Birth Lounge and Tranquility by Hehe. Throughout her second pregnancy she continued learning and preparing for her birth as a member of The Birth Lounge, chose the optimal birth environment for her and her family, and built a great birth team. The birth of her second baby was beautiful, empowering, and redemptive, and she knew she wanted to support other parents in having empowered, informed, and confident births. 

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