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Tranquility by HeHe COVID-19 Protocol

In an effort to reduce the risk of transmission, your families exposure rate and our teams risk of exposure, we are following the described Covid 19 Protocol:


-Daily self-reporting of signs and symptoms

-Regular at-home screenings (at home Covid test) 

-Our team is fully vaccinated

-Our team will sanitize surfaces and handles they used/touched in your home during care before leaving.

-Removing shoes, and washing our hands upon arrival

-Members of the Tranquility by HeHe team will wear masks at the specific request of a client


What if one of our team members test positive/Returning to Work:


-If one of our team members tests positive for Covid19 during a regular at home screening, they are required to get a PCR within 24-hours (depending on availability). All families that have been in contact with that team member will be notified of the at-home screening results and the time of testing immediately. They will also be notified when the results of the PCR testing return.

-We follow CDC guidelines which states the team member will isolate for 5 days and test on day 5. If the test is negative and the team member is asymptomatic, they are allowed to return to work. We will notify families of the results, time of testing and allow them to determine what is best for their family. If the test is positive, the team member will continue to isolate for an additional 5 days to total 10 days of isolation. On day 10, the team member will do another test to return to work.


If an asymptomatic, fully vaccinated doula is ready to return to work 5-days after a positive test with a negative test result on day 5, but the family is not comfortable with this, the family has the choice to delay care for an additional 5 days of care. After the additional 5 day delay, care will resume.


With this, we ask the same respect for our team. If you have had an exposure or get positive, please notify your team immediately. You will not lose any money and your credit of ‘Covid nights’ will be flipped to the end of your sign date and added to your package. For example, if your family missed 6 days of care, those six days would be added at the end of your current package.  


Please note— we have suspended all in-home prenatal visits at this time. Our team is continuing to serve in -person labor support, both in homes and in hospitals. 

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