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Our Unique Approach

Tranquility by HeHe is a Maternity Concierge Service. We understand birth isn't one size fits all and you will find that's exactly the mentality we serve our clients with. We know you deserve custom care that is tailored to your specific needs and wants. That's what sets TBHbirthing apart from the rest! You are in (and remain in) control; we are just here to support and educate you along the way. We are here to serve you in a way that keeps your needs first, supports your unique birthing experience, and encourages you to advocate for yourself how you see fit. 

Why Our Unique Approach Works

The Tranquility by HeHe approach is changing the way people give birth. We serve families globally from all over the United States to over 26 countries. Prenatally, we work with you to shift your mindset to a place where you feel in control and prepared for your birth experience. Our care is built to be customized for you and your partner (if applicable) as no two births are alike, and no two couples have the same dynamics or expectations.


We are hands-on and aim to support you in your ideal pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. We wholeheartedly believe that the more informed an expectant parent is, the better prepared they are to remain in control of their birth. We focus on education and informed consent, and invite you to join the many other informed parents of Tranquility by HeHe!


There’s a silly little saying that goes something like “you can’t plan for birth because so many things are unpredictable” and we couldn’t disagree more. We know so many things are in your control. Our approach teaches you how to leverage this power and take control of your birth. The TBH approach will help you prepare for birth so all throughout your pregnancy and birth, you have the tools and strategies to remain in control and relaxed. We help you plan for your ideal birth and learn to navigate the “unknowns” and unpredictable parts of labor and delivery.


What does TBH support look like?

We will meet before your birth (the number of times depends on the package you purchase) so that your doulas can get to know you on an intimate level. Prenatal support is designed to prepare for your birthing experience through intentional discussions and exercises that will ensure you aren’t having to make many decisions in the birth room—everything is already thought out and discussed before your labor begins! Of course, you are allowed to change your mind at any time and we will be there to support you in that as well and talk about your options.


We want to know anything and everything that may impact your birth in a positive or negative manner. We are all ears during this prenatal while we get to you and your partner, gain a better understanding of your ideal birth, and learn the role of each of your support people. It is optional to actually create a physical birth plan, but the discussion surrounding your options and choices is required and very intentional. We will discuss any questions you may have about your labor, birth, and recovery. Finally, we will teach you and your birth partner techniques to cope and manage early labor/laboring at home, signs of labor, and how your partner can best support you from start to finish, including the first few days after bringing your baby home.


HeHe’s background in Mental Health, Human Development and Family Studies, In-Home Therapy, and Early Childhood Education creates an extremely comprehensive approach to your transition to parenthood. From conception to the first years of your child’s life, Tranquility by HeHe is a one-stop-shop for all parents striving to be developmentally supportive of their tiny human and informed on their choices + options.


What’s included in the investment?

In addition to the peace of mind knowing that you are experiencing an exclusive approach and the highest quality of support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, you will also get exclusive access to the clients-only TBH Facebook group. All TBH clients receive exclusive access to HeHe and our Tranquility Team made up of our team of doulas + luxury practitioners. You’ll gain access to the TBH library of online resources and ebooks. Finally, you are eligible to take advantage of TBH-clients-only discounts.

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