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Navigating the Fourth Trimester E-Book

Get your TBH guide to creating a plan for the postpartum period to ease the transition of having a baby! If your little one has just arrived, you're not too late to the game!  This book will help you make the slightest shifts that have radically helpful impacts. 







Birth Bundle

  • TBH Birth Preference Sheet Guide 

  • APGAR Education

  • Education surrounding due dates and various stages of gestation

  • Packing Your Birth Bag Checklist

  • Packing Your Birth Bag Guide

  • Ideal snack for birth and postpartum

  • Sleep in Late Pregnancy Guide

  • Top 10 Baby Items Recommended by HeHe

  • Navigating the 4th Trimester E-Book

  • Planning for Postpartum Guide

  • Planning For Postpartum Checklist

  • Postpartum Essentials Checklist

  • Newborn Station Download

  • Postpartum Sex Education

  • Mindset and Parenthood Download

  • 10 Apps Every Parent Needs

Postpartum Bundle

Breastfeeding Bundle

  • 'Breastfeeding Basics' reference sheet

  • Education around breastmilk safety and storage guidelines

  • Support and education surrounding the introduction of a bottle

  • Pumping Resource Download

The TBH Birth Lounge

The TBH Birth Lounge is an online filing cabinet for all things birth, babies, and motherhood. The Lounge is filled with "files" in over 15 categories like infertility, first through fourth trimesters, feeding your new baby, pain relief during labor, and what to expect in that first year, step by step. 

Each of the files are filled with content like freebies, check-lists, interviews, meditations, how-to's, useful articles, and current research in there. There are articles like "first things first" that explains what to do when you find out your pregnant, to a checklist of helpful things to consider when making your birth preference sheet, and how could I forget what to pack in your birth bag! Also, HeHe shares her ultimate Baby Registry Wishlist! There are resources for introducing solids, pacifiers, and setting boundaries with your toddler.

Don't take my word for it! See for yourself! Check out a few of the files here!

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