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Tranquility by HeHe is a Maternity Concierge, Doula and Birthing Service providing in-person, virtual, and travel birth and postpartum support. Our mission is to provide high quality, holistic, individualized doula services to families in an empowering and nurturing environment. We take our doula services above and beyond prenatal, birth, and postpartum support by managing all of the "time-sucking" things such as creating your baby registry, planning your baby shower, and researching top-quality baby essentials. 

​We aspire to bring a tranquil and grounded environment to all birthing experiences. During prenatal and postpartum periods, we focus on self-care, connecting with your baby and body, preparing your body for birth, and discussing your options so you are well informed of your rights as a birthing person. During labor, we protect the energy of the room to ensure your birthing room is tranquil, relaxing, and encouraging of your progress. We focus on bringing your baby closer to you through each breath and wave of contractions. We teach partners and support persons how to properly support you with words and with physical pain relief. 

HeHe's Motto: "Choose what's right for your body, your baby, and your family. I'll support you in that choice."  


Our Philosophy 

Tranquility by HeHe is a Maternity Concierge Service. We understand birth isn't one size fits all and you will find that's exactly the mentality we serve our clients with. We know you deserve custom care that is tailored to your specific needs and wants. That's what sets our approach apart from the rest! You are in (and remain in) control; we are just here to support and educate you along the way. We are here to serve you in a way that keeps your needs first, supports your unique birthing experience, and encourages you to advocate for yourself how you see fit. 


We want our expectant parents to be as relaxed and confident as possible prenatally, during labor, and postpartum.  We use natural, holistic, calming, and evidence-based approaches to educate our clients and help prepare them for childbirth and labor. We help expectant parents have an empowered birth with an easier and faster recovery. By allowing us to manage the time-consuming tasks of expecting and welcoming a baby, you allow yourself more time to focus on self-care, relaxation, and preparing for this life transition. 


What does our experience tell us? The more we prepare our gestational parents prenatally, the more informed and in control they are for their experience. We believe every parent is a rockstar and we are here to help you have your ideal birth! With Tranquility by HeHe, you can trust that tasks are taken care of so you are able relax and relish in the moments of being an expectant parent. 


Through our approach of mindfulness, relaxation, and customized care, we offer a multitude of packages to fit every need. We have packages that are heavily focused on education to heavily focused on physical birth support and everything in between. We offer a unique Maternity Concierge package that is designed to fully prepare you for your birthing experience so you are confident to advocate for your needs and wishes. We specialize in expectant parents who love to be informed and supported through mindful discussions and emotional awareness. 


Whether you are a first time parent or preparing for subsequent children, we are here to support you! We understand each pregnancy, each family, and each birth is different which requires varied support. We work closely with our families to create customized and comprehensive care to fully support our clients in their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Join our exclusive experience today! 


Who is HeHe?

From the first time I met HeHe, she has continuously radiated positive energy and empowering wisdom.

-Michelle P.

She protected my idea of my ideal birth and never left my side. She made me confident in myself, my body, and my beliefs.

-Ashley L.


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Individual Services and Gifts Certificates

Services do not have to be in conjunction with a purchased package. Individual services are available upon request. We also offer gift certificates for parents-to-be. Gift certificates can be for birth or postpartum support. 


For more information, contact us at  


Disclaimer: HeHe is not a CLC, IBCLC, Massage Therapist or Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and will refer you to a list of trusted practitioners if your needs extend beyond general knowledge. 


Photography and Video credit: Corrine Isabelle Photography, Malka Ahmed Photography, Grazie Belucio Photography, and Catherine Hodges Photography 


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