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Christina is a postpartum doula on the Tranquility By HeHe team. She graduated from Suffolk University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology focusing on child development. In addition to postpartum doula work, Christina has experience working in early childhood education and infant nannying. In a time that can feel very out of control, her nurturing and caring personality offers a sense of calm to new parents navigating postpartum life.


Christina is honored to be a part of such a special time for new

families. She especially enjoys providing postpartum support because she understands how crucial sleep is for physical

and mental wellbeing of her clients and the transition into your new roles. Being well rested will yield immense benefits including an easier postpartum and increased chance that you achieve your feeding goals. The saying “Peaceful mind, peaceful life” really

resonates deeply with Christina and she can’t wait to bring that energy into your home!

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