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Addie has been a doula since 2018 and a member of the Tranquility by HeHe team since 2019. She has a background in mental health and worked in both in-patient and Primary Care settings to support clients in optimizing their mental health. Addie has also worked as a nanny, seeing families through many of life’s transitions as they grow. She is passionate about empowering families to make informed choices by providing them with evidence based research in an easily digestible format. Additionally, Addie loves to lead meditation classes for adults and children. She is currently in nursing school. Combined, this experience lead naturally to birth work as Addie came to realize the role that the birth experience plays in the overall well-being of the family. 


Addie completed a DONA certified Birth Doula Program and is the TBH VBAC specialist. She completed her VBAC training through The VBAC Link. Looking forward, she plans to continue her education in order to provide even more in depth care for her birth and postpartum clients.

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