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The Birth Lounge

"I love empowering those we serve to realize when things are beyond your control and how to better approach similar situations in the future. I do alot of chatting with our clients about how life {particularly birth + postpartum} doesn't have to be this hard if you are prepared, educated, and have the right village in place."

I am a firm believer that when women are educated on their choices and are supported in a way that ensures them they are free to choose anything, we are able to see women truly take control of their births. I believe that in order to empower mothers, it starts with pregnancy. The way you conceive and carry your child will absolutely be entangled into your motherhood. No matter what that looks likes for you, I want to help you use that to empower yourself in birth and motherhood.

I want women to begin to take control of their births. You have total control and it’s a matter of deciding if you want this information and then making your decisions based on this knowledge, whatever that looks like for your family. The research is out there, the answers are out there, the strategies are waiting, you just have to decide to do it. If you’ve ever wondered if there was an alternative to something during your pregnancy or postpartum, I’m talking to you. If you have had a previous birth that was traumatic, this one’s for you. If you are scared to death of birth, we need to talk. Take control of your birth, ladies. You can do this. This movement is all about women who want to be in control of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience from vaginal exams to medicinal pain relief and newborn routines. You have choices in pretty much everything, you just have to want to search for them.

Join Our Village

Take Control of Your Birth and Beyond!

You will be immersed in a community of irreplaceable support who will love you, but keep you accountable. They will celebrate your wins with you, but also help you reflect on your mistakes. They will support your endeavors and explore options with you when you don't like what's been presented.


Imagine a place where you could ask the simplest questions like how to introduce solids to the most intimate like how bad does it really hurt the first time you have sex after a baby? 

This village is made up parents and professionals who know that there is more to having a baby than just sleepless nights, hearing horror stories of your neighbor's birth, and wondering if your child is "on track".. hello, can anyone help? Yes, we can! The Birth Lounge & our village of mamas can help with all your questions!

Say goodbye to scouring the internet for hours just to find the perfect prenatals or accidentally getting into a virtual mud-slinging contest in a mom's group because you asked about co-sleeping! 

Ready to join us?

I want to help you take control. Your "taking control" is going to be different than her taking control and my taking control.. I want to help you find that.

I started my path studying Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. The led me to a career in the field of Early Childhood Education serving as a Teacher, Early Interventionist, and Developmental Specialist with Infants and Toddlers. I found through my work with new parents that having a baby was actually a very big transition in people’s lives and one that most people were not prepared. This caused me to look into supporting people in the process of having babies or had just had a baby. Well..that was a rabbit-hole because that research led me to where it all took a very sharp right hand turn — doula work. Doula work opened my eyes to an entire behind the scenes look at women’s health in America and it served as the last piece of my puzzle to shaping my perfect and unique career path. Now, I get to serve women who are trying to conceive, pregnant and postpartum and support parents who have questions about infant development through potty training! 

You have the choice in pretty much everything when it comes to your body & birth. You just have to make the decision to put in the time to do the work. Educate yourself. Read all the articles. Listen to all the podcasts. I can help you find your voice, but only you can use it. 

Join Our Village

What's The Birth Lounge?

It's a lounge that our team has put together especially for you. Imagine it as a big, huge filing cabinet. Now imagine, that HeHe and her team are constantly dumping content, freebies, interviews, meditations, how-to's, useful articles, and current research in there. There are articles like "first things first" that explains what to do when you find out your pregnant, to a checklist of helpful things to consider when making your birth preference sheet, and how could I forget what to pack in your birth bag! Also, HeHe shares her ultimate Baby Registry Wishlist! There are resources for introducing solids, pacifiers, and setting boundaries with your toddler. You can find a blog written by a villager who has walked the journey of infertility and how to make traveling with kids easier. From yoni steaming to how to set boundaries with your provider, it's all in here. The lounge is broken down into categories and is perfect for women who are ready to take control of their path to parenthood.  

Who can use the lounge?

The lounge is filled with 17 categories and counting where you can interact in the lounge to explore the options available to you before making your decisions. This lounge is meant to be with you every step of the way from infertility, pregnancy, through birth and postpartum until your child is potty trained. If you are ready to have a one-stop-shop for all things motherhood then you have come to the right place. This site will be bookmarked at the top of your web browser. I guarantee that you will begin to think, "I bet this is in the lounge!" and you'd probably be right!

How long do I need the lounge?

That's up to you! There is no required period that you must be a member. I believe if you like it, you'll stay. I don't need to force you to be in the lounge. We have files for women on the infertility journey, for mamas-to-be, for adjusting to life after baby, and to help you find balance--whatever that looks like for you! When you no longer need The Birth Lounge, you are welcome to go at anytime.

How do I get access to the lounge

Once you sign up, we will approve your membership and you will be sent an email with the information you need to set up your account! Wah-lah! You have 24/7 access to the lounge and all the goodness on the inside! 

How often is the lounge updated?

Every month we add new articles, resources, videos, downloads, and blogs to the lounge! We will do this throughout the month, so at any given moment new content may land in your lounge! We also have a place for you to make suggestions about what you want to see! 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the lounge, once you have access, you have access to everything and therefore, we cannot offer refunds. However, remember, you are free to cancel at anytime with zero obligation. You get out of the lounge what you put into the lounge meaning if you are never going to remember to check here first, then it will not do you any good. This is meant for the parent ready for the

one-stop-shop in parenthood.  

Do I still need to work with HeHe?

That depends on you! This lounge started for our private clients to have access to all of our teams resources and content.  We decided to open it up to the public because when you've got a good thing, you should share it, and boy do we! The price of the lounge will continue to rise as the value of the lounge increases. However, once you subscribe, you will always get monthly access to the lounge at that price (until you cancel). If you cancel, and rejoin, you will subscribe at the current price. All private infertility, birth, postpartum, and virtual clients have forever access to the lounge. 

Ready to Join

The Birth Lounge?

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