Sabrine is from Toulouse in France and holds a Master’s degree in Education from Lumière Lyon II University. She is passionate about early education and mental health for new parents. Prior to joining the Tranquility by HeHe team, she worked as a preschool and elementary teacher and knew early on that she wanted to have more power of action to make a difference in early childhood development. This experience helped her realized that the most important part of the work was happening in the home with the parents during pregnancy and infancy. In 2019, she moved to the US to go beyond teaching and accomplish personal life goals. She served as an Au Pair and more importantly, found her calling as a Doula. Her priority is to support parents through pregnancy, birth, as well as into the postpartum stage of new parenting. Having lived in various parts of the world with diverse individuals, she has recognized that everyone goes through life in their unique way, which should also be reflected in the birthing and parenting experience. Making sure you always feel heard, respected and in control is her goal for all families.